The options for your child’s education seem to be growing more than ever – you can opt for public schools, private schools, online schools, charter schools, or even choose to homeschool your child. Of course, there’s always the option to send them to Catholic school, which is definitely an option that you should look into.

Why should you choose a Catholic school when there are so many other options? Some may even be cheaper and not as strict as Catholic schools tend to be. Well, for one, a Catholic school offers so much more than just a solid academic foundation. For instance, St. Aloysius school – one of the best in Springville, NY, focuses on teaching and developing a child as a whole – in body, mind, and spirit.

While every catholic school in Springville, NY, is different, just as every community is, all Catholic schools share these things in common. And as it happens, these are the very same reasons you should choose a Catholic school for your child:

5 Good Reasons to Choose a Catholic School for Your Child

God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

In a Catholic school, it is not only acceptable to have discussions about God – it is highly encouraged. It’s the best place to establish and grow a relationship with Jesus and not worry about getting ridiculed by other students. Within the four walls of the classroom, your child will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit because every space is filled with Bible verses, prayers, crucifixes, or images of Jesus or the Holy Family. You can therefore be sure that your child will always be aware of the Lord’s presence when they’re in school.

Access to the Sacraments

Compared to non-Catholic schools, students who go to St. Aloysius Regional School and other Catholic schools get the opportunity to go to Mass regularly, have regular Confessions and Adorations, and more. If you wish to make the Sacraments a normal part of your child’s education, then you should opt for a Catholic school. And as you know, the spiritual development of your child is much more important than other academic lessons and programs.

Character Development

What many seem to forget these days is that schools are meant to be a place to develop a child’s character, yet many other schools are lost when it comes to handling important issues like bullying. Such issues are taken seriously by Catholic schools that have already established effective programs for problems like bullying decades ago. As part of the curriculum, Catholic schools impart lessons on love, kindness, empathy, respect, and other values that will help build stronger and more positive characters in our students.

Sense of Community

Let’s admit it. Kids and teens who have strong Christian beliefs are unfairly treated by people who do not understand the importance of keeping their faith strong. Give your child a chance to grow and thrive in a community that supports and encourages them to prioritize their love for God before anything else. Allow them to form friendships with peers with the same moral values that they have. Get them the support they need to continue learning about what it truly means to serve Jesus.

Devoted and Passionate Educators

You might be wondering about this as parent-teachers and employees teaching in public schools get better benefits and higher pay. So why would there be any good teachers in Catholic schools? Well, because what we have are not only exceptional educators but good Christians who are devoted to their calling of guiding and evangelizing children. Their mission is not just to teach Math, Science, and other academic subjects but to bring their students closer to the Lord.


If you are unsure about the school that you have previously sent your child to or you are nervous about choosing a school for your child for the first time, take your time, pray on it, and do your research too. You can visit any public or private school in Springville, NY, and compare them to the Catholic schools in your area. Speak to the teachers and the students, too, if possible.

St. Aloysius Regional School is the best Catholic school in Springville, NY, that can partner with you in raising your child as a God-fearing and well-rounded individual. We accept students from Pre-K to 8th Grade. Contact us today to know more about our school!