Why the Kindergarten Year Is So Crucial for Children

Kindergarten is the last year of preschool. After this, your child is going to go into the next step of their academic journey. Going into “big school” may seem daunting, but having the proper foundation will go a long way in terms of preparing your child for this transition.

As the time for a new school year to open draws near, many parents find themselves being drawn to Montessori education. If you have a child who is attending a Montessori school, you may have questions about the third year of the cycle. This blog post is here to help you understand what goes on in kindergarten and why this is a critical time for young children.

Why the Kindergarten Year Is So Crucial for Children

Parents of young children are in constant search of the best preschool to help their children get ready for grade school and for real-life later on. Kindergarten may seem like all fun and games for the children, a school with the right curriculum will instill values and habits in children that will help prepare them for the public school setup (which is what most parents aim to do) and to deal with making friends, proper time management, and other situations.

What Makes the Final Year of Preschool so Special?

If you are looking for a school system that helps a child adjust and become a well-rounded individual, later on, you should consider enrolling your child in a Montessori school. The central concept of the Montessori curriculum is that the child is one that “spirals”. This means that the children will be exposed to the same skills but in different ways and scenarios as they get older.

Kindergarteners will be given a chance to lead and set examples for the younger children. They will also be exposed to situations that will help them grow as people that will be good additions to society and not only do well academically.

What to Expect in the Academics of Your Child

Children who grow up in a Montessori environment will be well-rounded in the sense that they will perform well in school and have the necessary life skills to help them succeed. The difference between Montessori and other types of education is that in Montessori, children will be taught to understand the principles behind the theories. This deeper understanding will lead to a more practical application of the subject matter. In math, for example, instead of simply memorizing the equations and times tables, the children will truly understand the concept happening behind the numbers.


As the start of the new school year draws near, you may be thinking about enrolling your child in a Montessori school to provide them with the best experiences that will set them up for success when they start primary school the year after. The lessons they learn from the Montessori curriculum and from kindergarten will benefit them well into the future, which is why selecting the right school for your child is paramount.

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