Why Enroll Your Child In A Montessori Preschool – What To Know

The first couple of years of your child’s life is the most critical part of the education process. During this stage, 700 new neural connections are formed every second, making them open to both learning and influence. They experience what you call “early plasticity,” wherein their brain is absorbing the stimuli around at a rapid pace in an effort to set up the framework for how it will learn and react for the rest of their life. As such, it’s important that you choose wisely when deciding where to enroll them for preschool. You want to find a school that delivers a program that lays a solid foundation that facilitates a lifetime of passionate learning. Ideally, it should be an institution that will nurture and guide your child as they kickstart their educational journey.

When it comes to choosing preschools, parents are usually stumped between two choices: one that uses the Montessori method or one that features a play-based approach. While no one is better than the other, you may want to consider opting for a Montessori school for your child. Here’s why:

A focus on hands-on learning

One of the many draws of the Montessori Method is the focus on hands-on learning. Rather than putting an emphasis on abstract concepts, students work on activities that teach language, math, culture, and practical life lessons. Educators encourage their pupils to concentrate on tasks, and they discourage students from interrupting one another while doing so, so everyone can quickly master what they’re learning.

The system is individualized to each student

Students enrolled in Montessori programs have free reign to explore activities and concepts at their own pace. They are encouraged to try challenging areas, allowing them to accelerate their learning experience. Learning occurs at a pace that is most comfortable and suitable for each student, rather than imposing a strict timeline on every student in the class.

Learning is child-centered

Montessori students thrive in a classroom and curriculum that are designed around their specific needs and abilities. They are also allowed to explore and learn at their own pace and terms. When they’re in class, everything is within reach of the child, and the furniture in the room is sized for children to sit comfortably. Older children in the class are also encouraged to work with the younger ones, so the younger children receive mentoring from their peers as well aside from adult teachers alone.

It inspires creativity

Given that children are free to choose their activities and work at them at their own pace, creativity in the classroom is allowed—encouraged, even. Children work at tasks for the fun of it all instead of being too focused on the end result. This way, they can focus more on refining their process rather than feel pressured to produce faultless work. This helps them be more creative as they can basically do whatever they want.

Montessori schools are ideal for children, especially during their early years. They are provided with a learning environment where they can grow and thrive physically, emotionally, and academically.

Should you wish to know more about the Montessori method, or are ready to enroll your child in a Montessori school in New York, get in touch with us.