What to Look For in a Private School For Your Child

A lot of parents seek out private schooling for their children because of the smaller student population, safer environment, and more involved curriculum. If you’re trying to find the right space for your child to flourish in their education, make sure you know what to look for in your school search.

Academic Support

A private school’s guidance department should be able to provide a lot of help for students and parents. From one-on-one tutoring to additional classes for catching up or streamlining their advancement, the assistance you may need should be readily available.

Ask about a private school’s academic support services and what subjects are included in their curriculum. It’s good to have options available should it be something you and your child want to pursue.

Good Values

Consider the values that the school has in place. Go beyond the school motto and what is written—see if their actions match their words. You want to be able to observe how the school treats its students and upholds good characteristics and practices that will help mold and uplift students to their best selves.

You might consider a school that provides a Catholic education so that your child is exposed to a good balance of care, discipline, empathy, and growth.

Teachers Who Care

Teachers who care about their students and their success can be a big factor in your child’s success as they make their way through their schooling years. Private schools are smaller and better able to provide individualized attention to each student.

If you go for a Catholic school, you will also have trained educators that are well-versed in teaching methods that help each student realize their own value and potential while keeping up (and even going beyond) with standards.

Extensive Extracurriculars

Many private schools have a lot of opportunities open to their students. This can range from sports to other clubs and organizations that help students participate and discover talents or interests they didn’t know they had.

To provide your child with a well-rounded schooling experience, you should check for available extracurricular activities that can hone their skills outside of their classes. With official programs, your child will expand their learning without taking away focus from their set curriculum.

Healthy Campus Culture

You’ll want to learn how the student population generally operates at the school you’re considering. There are always pros and cons to consider, so the most important thing to think about is how healthy the culture is for your child.

Are there safeguards in place for bullying? Are children free to express themselves while still being guided and disciplined?

An Environment That Suits Your Child

Make sure the school environment is one that you’re happy with and your child feels comfortable in. They should be able to walk out of their classroom doors and know that they’re in a safe environment where they can thrive and learn.


After you’ve weighed the options, you can get a good idea of the right private school to match the criteria above. Finding the best fit for your child will help them flourish academically and have a good schooling experience.

St. Aloysius Regional School is a private Catholic school that offers classes from Pre-K through 8th grade. Reach out to us to schedule a visit and boost your child with academic excellence.