The Montessori Education - Is it Right for My Child

Every parent wants the best education for their child. And while every academic institution provides different opportunities, Montessori schools are a great option for parents who want their child to grow up creative, independent, and intelligent in every important aspect of life. If you’re still deciding whether or not to put your child in a private school, here are a few things to consider: 

Private Schools Focus on Growth and Development

Classroom capacity is lower than most public schools. Your child will get to know everyone they meet. With fewer students per teacher, educators can manage every student’s personal growth and academic growth.

Montessori schools provide a holistic education, balancing the sciences and arts without ignoring athletics and moral education. We often encourage children to be curious and active learners with creativity and innovation in mind. If these values are important for you as a parent, Montessori schools would be a perfect fit.

Religious Studies Is to Be Expected in Catholic School

Despite popular belief that private schools are only meant for Catholics, the truth is that these institutions are open to every child, regardless of religious background. Faith teachings are less about indoctrinating students but rather teaching good morals through the teachings of the Bible. Discrimination is not tolerated in Montessori schools. We only incorporate these learnings to help children understand basic concepts of morality, such as patience, kindness, and humility.

We Believe Students Should Be Independent

Montessori schools believe that a competitive spirit is important for children to challenge themselves at every opportunity. It teaches students to become self-reliant in learning. As much as you want your child to get the best grades possible, we would rather you give your child a sense of independence when it comes to learning.

We don’t pressure them to do well with the threat of failure. Instead, we encourage them to continue to grow when they perform best and do better if they fail.

We Want You to Be Helpful in Their Learning Too

While independent learning is encouraged, it doesn’t mean that we want to rid parents of involvement in their children’s lives. We encourage parents to help out in school projects that the children cannot do on their own. If it involves a bit of arts and crafts, parents can join in on the fun and bond with their children over these activities.


Every child is welcome in a Montessori school. These institutions are highly focused on every child’s personal learning and growth, so they are a perfect fit for all children regardless of their background. Every educational institution has something to offer, but at Montessori schools, children are well-cared for and are taught to excel in all fields of the academe and personal growth and values.

If you are planning to enroll your child in an excellent Montessori school in Springville, New York, then consider St. Aloysius Regional School. We are a Catholic faith community that offers quality education, from Pre-kindergarten to Middle school. Our curriculum is well-rounded in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Schedule a tour with us today!