The Correlation between Montessori Education and Religion

The Correlation between Montessori Education and Religion

Montessori education does not directly equate to religion; however, it somewhat motivates different aspects of humanity to connect with their spirituality. For example, the Montessori education philosophy emphasizes the importance of parents recognizing their role in guiding their children to live moral lives. The Montessori education system is based on the assumption that parents play a central role in their children’s moral growth.

In turn, this influences the conviction that every human being has its own spiritual potential that has to be developed along with its physical potential. Thus, Montessori education provides children with the necessary tools to develop their spiritual potential that they may have to face their destiny.

The thing about the Montessori system and religion is that it does not teach dogma. It gives room for children to question the existence of God and their purpose in life. This encourages them to develop their own faith and spiritual relationship with God.

When it comes to Montessori education, the religious aspect of a child’s growth is not the sole responsibility of the schools and the teachers. The parents who enroll their children in Montessori schools are also responsible for the spiritual growth of their children.

The religious aspect is intertwined with the study of other subjects. Montessori schools do not use religious material to influence their students’ learning. Instead, they integrate the religious materials and their learning into other subjects. Thus, they encourage their students to appreciate the values that they can get from their religion.

Montessori education and the Catholic Church

Although it is not necessary for a Montessori education to be Catholic-based, many Montessori schools are traditionally Catholic. This is due to the fact that many outstanding Catholic educators are of the Montessori method.

In addition, Catholic schools have been the center of great intellectuals, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Michelangelo, and others. They have also been the center of titans of history, such as Nicholas Copernicus and Marie Curie.

What Is the Indicator That Montessori Education Is Somewhat Connected to Religion?

St. Teresa of Avila once said that “the best way to love God is to love all His creation.” Montessori education puts into practice this principle by embracing the development of all aspects of a person.

With this, it also embraces different aspects of a person’s being, one of which is his religious side. This is demonstrated by the teaching materials and the teachers’ activities in the classroom.

Focusing on Morals in Education

The Montessori education curriculum focuses a lot on the development of morals. This is evident in the lessons that they teach their students. For example, they teach their students to show respect to others, to be kind to their classmates, and be helpful to their peers.

In fact, it is not only the children who are taught to be kind and helpful but also the teachers. They are taught to be kind to their students and to be helpful in their studies.


The concept of religion has changed over the years. This is due to the fact that people’s beliefs in God and their relationship with Him have changed according to the times. Montessori education promotes the idea that religion is something that is different from culture, race, social status, and the economic level of the individual.

Montessori education is quite a modern education. It is not based on a specific religious denomination. However, it is based on the ability of children to grow to be independent, self-motivated, creative, and highly-skilled individuals.

This does not only develop their intellect but also their spiritual side.

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