The Benefits Of STREAM Education - What To Know

STREAM is a part of the Pre K-8 program, which essentially stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art & Math. It’s designed to be an integrated approach to learning, one where students are prompted to think critically and beyond about the world and problems around them. 

This approach has revolutionized the world in more ways than one, which has allowed the world’s brightest minds to come up with laptops, revolutionary cooking, and even improving air quality. Your child will be encouraged to ask questions and recognize patterns, all of which will prompt them to connect dots, solve problems, think creatively, and above all, believe in innovation.

Speaking about the potential benefits of STREAM is one thing, but knowing about them in-depth is another story. To help you fully grasp the importance of investing in STREAM education, we’ve compiled a list of all its benefits:

Benefit #1: Your child will be honed to think more critically

The incorporation of logic and art in the program allows your students to think systematically through each problem, which will require them to think about the information they’ve learned. From there, they need to find ways to come up with practical solutions based on data learned through logical reasoning.

With creativity in tow, their brains will be sharpened to think of applying a solution in different ways, which reminds them of the bigger picture. It’s a trial and error process, where they’ll also learn how to take on risks. In the real world, this means trusting in the process, revisiting information, and ultimately, coming up with solutions that can very well change the course of history.

Benefit #2: Your child will enjoy the process of hands-on learning

While some children are given the chance to experience and learn as they go, many children do not have the opportunity to do so. Hands-on learning means the ability to learn from their mistakes to fix them, where they can learn by experience. Thanks to STREAM education, every child now has the chance to engage in hands-on and experiential processes.

Specific tools and materials will be readily available, used to discover, build, assess, and fix. These skills are crucial in the real world, especially since the four walls of the classroom can only do so much—life unfolds beyond these corners, which is why it’s paramount to teach children how to learn by experience.

Benefit #3: Your child will learn how to value the arts

In a world driven by science and technology, it can be rather difficult to see the value of art. Thanks to STREAM education, however, students will now understand how completely varied the art industry is, especially since they’re heavily utilized by mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Your child will be encouraged to connect with various artistic mediums, which include music, visual arts, and even design. Activities may seem daunting at first, but the idea here is to combine the unknown with familiar things, which will then lead to new skills and a newfound appreciation for art and innovation.

Embracing  Innovation in the Modern Classroom

The STREAM movement may seem confusing at first, especially since the Pre K-8 education scene already sounds complicated. With the ever-changing landscape of the world, however, your child’s education must be holistic and updated.

The ability to become a jack of all trades has become a necessity, especially since hard skills can only do so much in the modern world—when it comes to success, a careful mix of everything is necessary. However, it’s important to focus on what matters most—your child’s spiritual development.

A STREAM Approach Here in St. Aloysius School in New York, we offer more than just a STREAM education—we do it our way, the STREAM style. We make religion a part of our program, guaranteed to help your child prepare for the Pre K-8 world. We are a Catholic faith community dedicated to helping your child achieve growth and academic excellence. Reach out to us today to learn more.