Teaching Your Children The Saving Grace of Prayers

In the Catholic faith community, prayers are paramount to a child’s development. Schools that regularly conduct prayers instill a sense of calmness in each child, ensuring that their daily prayers become constant modes of communication with God. Kids are believed to be naturally spiritual, as they are blessed with the ability to love unconditionally. They’re also a steady source of joy and innocence, and to ensure total protection, they need prayers for their faith.

Faith is a force that empowers people to pull through challenges, as well as overcome the sorrows life can bring. It brings us close to the good things we already have, and with prayer, faith is strengthened. It’s a communication pathway we have with God, and it’s only right that we teach children how important it can be.

Growing Closer to God

In its simplest yet most intricate form, prayer can be taught as “talking to God”. It’s important to let your children know that prayer involves a process of opening your heart up, free to talk about everything and everything. It’s an act that can bring them closer to God, especially since constant communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships.

Once they learn that they can communicate openly and freely with God, they’ll learn not to fear Him, but love Him as a trusted friend and Father. Your children will feel closer to Him, and in turn, they’ll be guided about plans and other important things about life.

How to  Properly Pray with Kids

Although prayer is highlighted as a free and open conversation with God, it’s also important to teach your children the significance of learning other prayers. They’ll find more ways to express their own thoughts and feelings, but following a formula can help them pray better with others. As you start out, teach them the following greetings and ending statements:

  • Beginning of the prayer: “Dear God” or “Dear Jesus”
  • End of the prayer: “Amen” or “In Jesus name, we pray, Amen”

There’s also a formula that can greatly help them construct a prayer, which is a tried and tested the method using the acronym ACTS:

  • A – Adoration: This pertains to the necessity of praising God—praise Him for loving you, giving you the world, and the life you can live with your family.
  • C – Confession: This pertains to the confession of your sins, as the act of confessing will help God forgive our sins.
  • T – Thanksgiving: This pertains to everything you wish to thank God for.
  • S – Supplementation: This is where you can ask God for your needs and the needs of others.

There is Power in Prayer

As a Catholic community, we should never underestimate the power of prayers. It gets countless people through the most difficult of times. Although life can easily tempt us to question our faith, spending some time in prayer will help strengthen it, effectively bringing you close to God.

This is particularly important to understand because your children will be learning by example. They look to you for guidance and wisdom, so make sure to impart the significance of prayer. Teach them how to pray, and teach them how to do it well. Prayers will serve as the foundation of their faith, which can guide them well into adulthood.

Make them understand that the power of prayer can do miracles. So long as they keep praying, they’ll have God by their side—and He’ll carry them through the most frightening of storms.

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