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The History and Origins of the Montessori Method of Learning
The Montessori method of education has always been characterized as a more holistic, self-paced, and experiential approach to learning. Many Montessori schools in Springville, NY, California, Arizona, Minnesota, and other states have since adopted the method into their own curriculum. But before it became one of the most well-known alternative schools in the country and...
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Why Catholic School is Ideal for Your Child - What to Know
As a parent, we give our children all the best to make sure they become a well-raised individual with admiring character and high-quality values. We also want them to learn academically while still learning life experiences and skills. Since a school serves as their second home and is where they spend most of their time,...
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4 Signs It Is Time to Move Your Child to a New School
Moving a child to a new school is a big decision. That’s why if you’re thinking about it, you need to analyze and consider all the factors before the move. If the child struggles in the current school, then moving your child to a new school may be the best idea. Here are some of...
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