4 Signs It Is Time to Move Your Child to a New School
Moving a child to a new school is a big decision. That’s why if you’re thinking about it, you need to analyze and consider all the factors before the move. If the child struggles in the current school, then moving your child to a new school may be the best idea. Here are some of...
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Common Myths About Project-Based Learning
When it comes to learning, it pays to remember that every child has a different learning curve. This is why it is important for educational institutions to explore different types of learning to ensure that the needs of each child are met. One fairly new type of learning is called project-based learning. Since project-based learning...
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5 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to Catholic School Life
Catholic education is often a key ingredient to a brighter and better future for your children. Catholic schools offer a more rigorous and well-rounded education that can be beneficial to children and families of all faiths, ethnicities, and socioeconomic circumstances. The rich curriculum of St. Aloysius Regional school will give your children unique and substantial...
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