Raising Responsible Children – How Montessori Education Helps

Raising Responsible Children - How Montessori Education Helps

In this day and age, everything is available at the touch of a button, and instant gratification is something everybody seems to crave more than ever. Although these conveniences are great on paper, they are not always the best things for growing children.

Children need to learn how to do things for themselves at a certain age instead of always relying on their parents when they need something done. Raising a responsible child is not a one-step process. It can take years to build them up to the level that will help them become fully functional adults in the future. Making sure they are being brought up correctly will involve mutual efforts from the home and school. Parents and guardians should make an effort to teach their children responsibility, and these values should be reinforced in the school setting.

Raising Responsible Children: How Montessori Education Helps

If you are trying to teach your child to take more responsibility, enrolling them in a Montessori school is what you need. The unique curriculum of Montessori schools will allow their students to take control of their lives by enabling them to make their own decisions, do time management tasks, and teach them how all their decisions can affect their lives as a whole. Here is a list of how Montessori curriculums can help instill responsibility into your children.

1 – Children Are Taught to Be Responsible for Themselves

Children are taught that they should take responsibility for their physical bodies by being encouraged to do things for themselves by themselves. They take charge of themselves by wiping their noses, putting their shoes on, and getting dressed on their own during the school day.

2 – They Should Spend Their Time Responsibly

Montessori children also take responsibility for how they manage their time. Unlike the traditional school setup, teachers are usually required to set a time limit for their students to finish specific tasks. However, in a Montessori school, lessons will be given every week, and children can choose which activity to finish first, as long as they finish everything on time.

3 – Children Should Be Responsible for Their Relationships

In Montessori schools, children will be encouraged to work out any disputes and arguments amongst themselves. Teachers will be there to oversee, but children should be aware of the way they handle their relationships with their peers.

4 – Kids Should Be Responsible for Their Belongings

Children in Montessori schools will be taught the value of their things by being given the responsibility to handle certain things with care. If something they are in charge of gets broken or destroyed, it is not replaced right away. The message is that if they are not careful with their things, they will not get to use their things for handling anymore.

5 – They Should Develop Responsibility for the Greater Community

Lastly, children are taught the value of being a responsible citizen and members of the community. They will all be accountable for taking care of watering the plants in the classroom, tidying up, and fixing their chairs before going home.


The most important part of raising a child to grow up responsibly is to trust them. A big part of teaching them responsibility is to make their own decisions, which includes occasionally making mistakes. You will be supportive of them, even when things sometimes go as they originally planned or hoped. Also, finding the right school to help reinforce these values will go a long way. If you want to bring your kids to a reliable school that helps them grow up to be responsible adults, enroll them at St. Aloysius Regional School! We are a Catholic faith community of academic excellence. We offer classes from Pre-K through 8th Grade.