What is
montessori pre-k?

The basic principles of Montessori education include the consideration of the individual as a whole (physical, emotional, social, cognitive, spiritual), respect, in an inquisitive, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere; and the belief that learning takes place through the senses, by manipulating materials and through interaction with others. 

Mrs. Michelle Trautman

About The Teacher


My name is Mrs. Michelle Trautman and I am the certified Montessori Teacher at St. Aloysius Regional School! This is my fourth year teaching here and I am looking forward to another wonderful year. 

I received my Bachelor’s Degree From the University at Buffalo in 2007. I received my Montessori Certificate from NAMC in 2018, where I graduated with a 4.0. 

In my spare time, I love reading and doing anything crafty and creative. I love music, nature, and art! I also love animals of all kinds (birds are very special to me) and I love learning new things each and every day.

Montessori is a scientifically studied and proven educational method that is focused on the whole child, meaning a child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Montessori is centered around a carefully prepared, sensory-rich classroom environment to encourage children to learn through curiosity and desire.  This specialized Method of teaching was first created by Educator Dr. Maria Montessori.

The classroom, or prepared environment, consists of appealing, hands-on activities called “work”.  The Montessori works throughout the environment are mostly hands-on, with a “control of error”, meaning that the child will easily be able to correct their own mistakes.  The work materials are designed to enable students to freely move around the room, working independently either at a table or on a work rug on the floor.  Teachers introduce and guide students and their work. It may sound unstructured, but it is very structured and intentional.


In the Montessori environment, the Teacher is commonly referred to as a “Directress” or “Guide”. 

The Montessori Teacher’s role is to introduce student work, and then the child is free to choose whichever work they are drawn to, and to do chosen works independently.  Montessori works are sensorial, hands on materials that deeply provide the framework on a specific concept, moving first from concrete to more abstract as per the child’s demonstrated readiness.  The Teacher’s main role is to guide the child and frequently observe and record data on each child to move them along at their own individual pace.

Montessori teachers are there to create a warm and supportive community in order to meet each child’s learning needs. Teachers are not dependent on textbooks and worksheets, but use the Montessori classroom materials to guide independent learning. A classroom is not run by teachers, but also by the students who learn to manage their own community and in doing, develop lifelong collaborative and leadership skills.

The Montessori environment houses one Certified Montessori Teacher and 1 classroom Teacher’s Aide.  The Montessori Pre-K environment houses children from ages 3 through 5.  The younger children learn from the example of the older child as well as through the carefully designed, hands on, independent Montessori works.  Because the classroom houses children from ages 3 through 5, and the children are all on different academic levels with different academic needs, the Teacher also works with each child, one-on-one, for individualized intensive teaching.  Because this environment is meant to be one of more independence, the child in the Pre-K setting must be age 3 before September 1st of that school year.  They must also be fully potty trained and able to independently care for their own bathroom needs, from fastening/unfastening clothing to washing their own hands.

The Montessori curriculum is a strong one in which you will find materials that are Sensorial, Mathematical, equipped for the understanding and enrichment of Language Arts, Cultural and Physical Geography, a large majority of the Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Simple Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Entomology, Meteorology, etc), and our largest curriculum: Practical Life.  Practical Life concentrates on Grace and Courtesy, control of movement, social skills and various life skills.  Children will learn Practical Life activities such as pouring, slicing, folding, washing, sweeping, raking, dusting, washing their hands, zipping zippers, buckling buckles, and other activities that will teach the child how to care for themselves and their environment.  Practical Life activities aid the growth and development of the child’s intellect and concentration and will in turn also help the child develop an orderly way of thinking.  Montessori believed that Practical Life activities also taught a sense of purpose for an individual and created a confident new member of society.

Program Structure

At St. Aloysius Regional School we offer part time sessions as well as full time sessions.  We begin our Montessori school day at 8:30am.  Our half day program runs until 11:30am.  Our full day program runs until 3pm. You may enlist your child in the program for 5-full days, 5 half-days, or 3 full-days.

We also offer a before-school program daily from 7-8am, and an after- school program daily from 3pm-5:30pm for a reasonable fee.

Our Montessori program is reserved for children from ages 3 through 5, who turn 3 before September 1st of that school year.  We also reserve our Montessori Program for children that are fully potty trained.

Although the Montessori curriculum is child-centered and works are independent, we do also follow a rigid classroom schedule.  We offer 3 large 15 minute group meetings per day, a late morning snack, a half-hour lunch time for our afternoon students, and a daily afternoon rest time.  We also offer Gym classes two days per week, one Music class per week, and Library once per week.  We offer outdoor recess time each day, weather permitting.

If you feel your child will benefit from a child-driven, individualized, independent method of learning, we look forward to hearing from you!  Please call the School for more information!


You are raising a little star and we educate them!  We hope you will partner with us.

STARS is more than just a school where your child spends his/her day and the Montessori Pre-K Program is not anything like a daycare program.  STARS partners with its families and encourages families to take an active role in a student’s education and social development outside of its doors.  STARS families host events to foster a sense of community and provide students, and their guests, with positive, safe interaction.  An example is STARS Halloween Trunk or Treat held by our families.  Our families look forward to participating in and attending as it provides a safe place for their children.  It is common to see the students, and their guests, independently going from trunk to trunk getting candy from other families, participating in the wagon ride, outdoor movie, or simply running around with their friends being a kid.  Our culture invites families to play an active role in a student’s education and for the entire family to be a part of a warm, supportive, and friendly community. 

Don’t take our word for how amazing this school is, come experience it for yourself.  We invite you to schedule a tour during the school day to see us in action.  On your way to the school office for your tour don’t be taken aback if you run into a student or two in the hallway who looks you in the eye and says, “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.”  It’s okay to respond.  Remember, we are educating stars and future leaders. 

We understand that not everyone has the ability to tour during the school day and we are flexible.  We also offer the option of allowing your child to shadow for the day.  You can also tour the school after school hours, speak to our Montessori Pre-K teacher and principal, or one of our current families to learn more about STARS.  We invite you to learn more about us.  Choose what level of information is right for you. 

At this time, we do not offer tuition assistance for our Montessori Pre-K Program. You may be able to use payments for our Pre-K Program tuition, as well as payments for the Before and After School Program, from a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or as child care credit on your income tax. Further information can be found at  STARS is not qualified to give tax advice, so please contact your tax preparer with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your star(s)!

The Process

There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee per student which will be applied to your first tuition payment. Registration is not complete unless the registration fee is paid.


Our principal will meet with you to share the vision of a STARS education and to answer any questions you may have.


Our current families are eager to meet you and are willing to help answer any questions. 


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