Inspire Your Children - Amazing Bible Stories About Women

Everywhere we look, we see stories that inspire and empower. If you are looking for great stories to read and share to your daughters (and sons, too!) to help them feel inspired, the Bible is your perfect resource! Sure, there are many men in the Holy Book that are put under the spotlight. However, many people do not realize that there are many strong women in Bible stories, too!

In this day and age, parents, guardians and school teachers should be constantly trying to impart positive messages of strength and courage to children, especially in these trying times. If you aim to teach your children about strength and bravery, read to them about these incredible women who changed the world!

Inspire Your Children: Amazing Bible Stories About Women

Getting children to be interested in the Gospel and learn about the Word of God may sometimes be challenging. The trick is finding ways for the stories to be relatable to children. Here are great stories that can make the Bible more relatable to your children.

1 – Shiphrah and Puah

These were two midwives who lived in Egypt before Moses led them out. The story begins for these two women when the Pharaoh became fearful that the Israelites would rebel against him. The Pharaoh went to Shiphrah and Puah and ordered them to kill all of the male babies born to ensure that nobody will be strong enough to overthrow him. However, the two midwives feared God and went against Pharaoh’s wishes. Because of their bravery in doing the right thing, they were rewarded by God.

2 – Ruth

The story of Ruth centers on her relationship with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Naomi, her husband and two sons move from Israel to Moab to get away from famine. The two come to meet when Ruth marries Naomi’s son. Years later, both Naomi’s sons and her husband die, leaving Ruth and her mother-in-law behind. Throughout the years, the two had become close. They treated each other as mother and daughter. This being said, when Naomi decided to go back to Israel, Ruth went with her and even followed in Naomi’s belief in God. She worked hard for years to make sure that they had food on their table. Ruth later offered herself in marriage to the kinsman-redeemer of Naomi’s family, named Boaz. Boaz recognized her kindness and love for Naomi. He also gave Ruth praise for her kindness and loyalty to Naomi and for her faith in God.

3 – Deborah

Deborah was a judge in Israel as well as a well-known prophet. She held a high rank and place in court because of the two titles she held. She believed and trusted God completely, but at the time she was in power, the Israelites did not follow God. However, she did everything in her power to lead them back to God. God promised Deborah that the Lord’s Army would win the war if she helped lead the army to do so. She was to fight alongside Barak, one of the leaders of the army. Because of her faith in God, she led the army to victory.


What better way to teach young boys and girls about strength and empowerment than by reading the wonderful and inspiring stories in the Bible. Raise your children in the Christian way by sharing these stories to them. They will no doubt become more interested in learning about God once they see that these stories can hit closer to home than they realize.

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