How to Help Your Four-Year-Old Adjust to Montessori Learning

How to Help Your Four-Year-Old Adjust to Montessori Learning

Montessori schools are known for their learning approach that is different from traditional ones. If you are considering a Montessori school for your child, you might be worried about how a four-year-old would adapt to the new learning environment.

Luckily, you can help your son or daughter adjust quickly to the school’s teachings. Here are some tips to help your child thrive and excel in the Montessori learning environment.

Take Your Child to the Classroom

Seeing the classroom will help your child get used to the Montessori learning environment. Let your child see that the classroom is equipped with fun learning materials. The more your child gets used to the classroom, the less hesitant they will feel about going to school.

Visit the School Regularly

One of the easiest ways to help your child get used to Montessori learning is to visit the school frequently. You can drop by anytime, especially during the morning hours when the school is empty. Let the child sit in on lessons or read in the library.

Let Your Child Play With the Materials in the Classroom

An effective way to help your child adjust to each new material is to let them learn about it on their own. Once you see your child become interested in a particular material, you can instruct them to touch it and do activities involving using it.

Be Involved in the Class

You will be a great help to your child if you are actively involved in their learning. For instance, you could help your child assemble the Montessori bead mat and put the materials used in the classroom back in their proper places.

Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Do not fret if your child is pursuing a line of Montessori learning that you do not understand. Instead, encourage your child to ask questions and explore the materials and lessons. Let your child know that it is okay to ask questions, especially if they are confused or do not agree with something.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Talk to your child’s teacher and ask how you can help your child get used to Montessori resources. The teacher will be happy to provide you with suggestions and tips.

Show Your Child What You Can Do

Your child’s Montessori school will probably provide you with materials that you can use at home. Take the time to show your child what you can do with these Montessori materials. Have your child watch you as you complete an activity and then encourage them to imitate your steps. You can then repeat the steps together.

Talk to Your Child About the Next Day

Ask your child what they will do in the Montessori classroom the next day. Listen to your child describe what they will be doing and encourage them to participate in their upcoming activities.


Montessori schools are great places for children to learn. In fact, many parents choose this learning environment over the traditional school setting because they believe the Montessori approach is more suitable for their child.

Montessori schools cater to each child’s individual learning style. As a result, a child will have good learning habits as they become an adult. You can help your child adjust to a Montessori school by following our guide above.

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