How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Eating Healthy

Children are not fond of healthy eating, which becomes a challenge for parents. Parents try different techniques to incorporate healthy ingredients in their routine food. Even while having lunch at their schools, they throw tantrums, wanting unhealthy snacks such as crackers, cake, and other junk food. About 60% of parents struggle with their children not liking healthy food, as reported by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

As much as schools try to teach children the importance of eating healthy, it is still very hard to get them to like healthy food. To make them fall in love with healthy eating, you need to get them involved while preparing meals. When you’re packing lunch for your children or making them a snack, just let them do the easy bits under your supervision.

Here are some healthy snack ideas that you can make with your children.

  • Fruit skewers

Get your mini skewer sticks and clean and slice some fruits. Put different fruits in different bowls and the sticks in one corner. Now, let your child choose the fruits and guide them to stack the fruits on the stick. When you do so, make sure to blunt both ends of the sticks before packing the lunch or giving it to your children to eat.

  • Toast with fruits and butter or chocolate

Toast a slice of bread and put some almond butter, Nutella, or chocolate spread in a bowl. Cut some fruits and put them in another bowl. Now, let your child spread the butter or chocolate spread on the slice and add some sliced fruits with the toast.

  • Boiled eggs

Boil eggs and when they are cooled down, show your child how to crack the shell and remove it. Give them an egg as well so they can follow along and learn. Getting involved in the preparation of the egg will encourage them to eat it.

  • Banana oat cookies

If there’s one thing children love, these are cookies. You can choose any healthy alternative for a cookie and involve your child in the process by letting them do the easy bits. You can have them peel and then mash bananas by your side. Your kids can also help you add all the ingredients and mix the batter.

  • Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are a delicious way to get your kids to eat healthy. Cut some fruits with your child and add them along with some greens like spinach or kale into a blender and blend it.


Once the kids are involved in the process of making their lunch or snack, they are more likely to eat it.  At the same time, they will get to learn about working in the kitchen and making different combinations of food to get what they want. Moreover, such activities help children improve hand-eye coordination and develop gross motor skills.

We at St. Aloysius Regional School, make sure to teach your children about the benefits of eating healthy. We ask the parents of the children to give them healthy snacks for lunch, while we help the parents in providing them with a schedule for assistance. Contact us right away if you want your children to eat healthy, along with getting a quality education.