How to Get Your Child to Want to Learn More About the Bible

Everyone should know about the gospel taught in the Bible, children are no exception. However, teaching children about the Bible is a far cry from getting them interested in learning about it. This is a challenge many parents face when they want their children to grow up in a Christian household. Getting them to enjoy learning about the faith may sometimes be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. 

Catching the interest of young children and sustaining it may seem like an ambitious task. However, there are certain ways to help them become engrossed in learning about the Bible and the wonderful stories in it. 

How to Get Your Child to Want to Learn More About the Bible

If there are any shortcomings in your child’s Sunday school curriculum, you need to fill the gap at home. Here are a few fun ways you can help your children become interested in the word of God while bonding with you.

1 – Sing Songs About Bible Stories

The wonder and beauty of music has always been a favorite way to teach young children about important things. Whether that be about where their head, shoulder, knees, and toes are, or about events that happened in the Bible, children will always be happy to sing while learning. 

2 – Roleplaying Games

Children love to play pretend. One way to get them interested in uncovering more about the Bible is to stimulate their interest, asking questions like “Why do you think Moses did that?” will help them get into the mind of the Bible characters and help them play pretend and play roleplaying games after they hear a Bible story.

3 – Coloring Books With Bible Stories in Them

There are many coloring books being sold that will not only have the Bible stories written in them but will also have fun coloring and activity pages for your child to go through. This will help them become more interested in knowing more about the stories themselves.

4 – Reading Children’s Bible Books

The Bible itself may be an intense read, even for adults. However, there are many Bible story books that are made for younger readers that will have colorful pictures and pages that are designed to captivate children and make them want to read the stories within the book.

5 – Watching Short Video Clips about the Bible

If books are not your child’s thing, you can always have them watch fun video clips to spark their interest. These videos will help them learn about the important facts and prominent people that play big roles in the Bible stories and how these stories are relevant today.


To be able to have your children grow up in the Christian faith, you need to be able to capture their attention and interest in learning about God’s word. Sometimes Sunday school is not nearly enough to be able to impart all the important information and miraculous stories that are found in the Bible. Finding effective ways to get your children into the groove of learning about Bible stories may also be a great way for you to bond as a family. 

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