How To Encourage Your Child To Read for Pleasure - Our Guide

In this digital age where almost all kinds of communication and entertainment take place digitally, reading for pleasure is becoming a fading art. Even so, turning this hobby into your child’s habit can improve their life. It develops their brain, improves their communication and social skills, sparks their imagination, and lets them learn more about the world.

Here at St. Aloysius Regional School, we pride ourselves on a curriculum that molds young minds to embody Catholic school traditions, promoting virtues and sound character. We also encourage academic excellence among our students. To help you develop good reading habits in your child, follow our tips below:

  1. Help your child choose age-appropriate books

Your kid is more likely to get encouraged and stay motivated to read if they are genuinely interested in what they are reading. To spark a passion for reading in them, help them choose age-appropriate books that will challenge them while remaining enjoyable.

Explore reading materials by taking them to the library or showing them entire libraries full of online books. Giving them a wide variety of options makes it easier for them to find stories that they will love.

  1. Let your kid choose what they read

Encouraging your child to read for pleasure involves a lot more than simply handing them a book. While you can help them choose which books to read, raising them to become a life-long reader means you must let them have choices in their reading materials.

Regardless of whether it’s a comic book, a magazine, or a novel, let your kid explore the world of reading on their own. They are more likely to retain the information and get engaged with the books if they are passionate about the topics. It is also one of the best ways to develop a love for reading.

  1. Introduce a wide variety of reading activities

Make reading a part of your child’s lifestyle. The more they are exposed to reading, the more it will become a habit and a part of their daily routine. Therefore, let them read something in their free time as much as possible.

Don’t just stick to reading books, novels, and magazines. Introduce various reading activities and make them read various materials when you go out or travel, such as menus, movie titles, brand names, weather reports, roadside signs, and other everyday information. This will introduce them to new concepts and boost their knowledge.

  1. Show interest in your child’s reading

A solid support system is sure to uplift your little one’s mood and inspire them to do better. Your feedback or response is more crucial to them than you think, so make it a point to give them genuine praise for their efforts to encourage them to become excellent readers.

  1. Surround your child with diverse reading materials

As their parent or guardian, your child treats you as their role model. They are more likely to make reading a habit if they are surrounded by a large collection of reading resources at home and pick up that hobby from you if they see your passion for reading.


Reading for pleasure opens up a new world for your child. Aside from following the tips mentioned above, you can enroll your kid to a quality Montessori school to encourage them to read more, receive a quality education, and help them develop their reading skills.

At St. Aloysius Regional School, we offer a curriculum designed to hone your child’s skills for successful learning and strengthen their spiritual maturity. Enroll your child today!