How Parents Can Make Their Kids Excited About a New School

For a child, school is their world. It is where they meet friends and beloved teachers. It is where they might enjoy learning and have fun. Making them switch schools might seem like taking everything away from them. It may sound overly dramatic, but in a kid’s eyes, it would look as if you are throwing away their only source of fun and all their connections.

Any change is challenging, especially for a child. However, it is something they need to endure for their growth as well. The best thing you can do is make them feel understood and be on their side as they try to overcome the situation, fears, and doubts about this drastic new change.

This article would provide you with some tips on how you can make your child excited again about the idea of transitioning to a new school.

What You Can Do

Choose the Best School That Fits Their Needs at the Moment

Parents always have a good reason for choosing one school over another, and you only need to explain them to your children so that they can understand and not misinterpret them. Ensure that you help them see why the new school would be helpful for their development and growth. Show them the exciting things in the new school and give them enough time to be comfortable with everything.

Hear Out Your Child

Sometimes the sadness can turn into spite when your child feels like their opinions and feelings do not matter. Let them vent out their frustrations and hear them out. When they talk about their side, make sure to talk to them at their level and make the conversation eye-to-eye. Ask them what bothers them and allow them to speak up.

The bottled-up feelings are sometimes due to fear of not finding new friends again or starting over from scratch. Once you have an idea of what your child is feeling, reassure all their concerns. Tell them that things would be okay.

Build a New Routine With Your Child

The next thing you can do is help them get acquainted with their feelings. Start a new routine with your child and join them in this change if you can. If they need to update their schedule, sleeping time, and the likes, take part in this new adventure. Starting with a structure can make them feel that their life is not all over the place.

Do a Little Rehearsal

If your kid needs to learn new things, such as catching the new bus stop or getting familiar with the new route, do it with them. When they start to feel familiar with the new things, it can lessen their anxiety. Make them feel that you are supporting them in this new journey by joining them.

Shop for New Things

Make them feel excited again by buying them new things. All children appreciate having new stuff for school. Let them choose what they want, barring your limitations in budget and other specifications. The smell of new bags or shoes can always make things feel more exciting.


Not all can adapt quickly to huge changes, so expect the same from your child. Let them be upset for a while but help them understand why things like this should happen. On their first day, make sure to discuss what happened in their school in a fun way. Encourage them to make friends but do not push it. Just make them feel that you are always on their side, and they will eventually be comfortable with the idea of a new school.

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