Helpful Ways To Help A Child Adjust To Catholic School

When a child transfers to a new school, they can face many challenges as they adjust to their new environment. The child may feel lonely; they may miss their friends from their previous school or experience other problems that may inhibit them from properly concentrating.

Helpful Ways To Help A Child Adjust To Catholic School

It may seem overwhelming at first, but helping your child get used to a Catholic school is easy once you get the ball rolling. Here are some helpful tips to help you and your child manage the adjustment phase.

Talk To Them

The first thing any parent should do is to talk to their children. Even before they transfer to the new school, talking to them beforehand will help them prepare themselves for the transition. Talking allows the children to get their mental, physical, and emotional state ready to transfer to the new school. Take note that it is still a good idea to talk to your child before any significant life change, even if they do not seem to be struggling with it.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

If you still notice that your child is having difficulties coping with the change of environment, it may be time for you to schedule a parent-teacher conference. During this meeting with their teacher, it is wise to voice out your concerns about your child. This will also be an opportunity to let your teachers know that they need to step in and talk to your child during school time. Your child needs to know that they can rely on their teachers to step in when they need them.

Proper Guidance

It would help if you showed your child that you are there for them should they need any help from you. During the adjustment stage, you may notice a change in your child’s demeanor, confidence level, and even in their grades. Making sure that you are mentally available to guide them, talk to them and show them the right path.

Social Events With Other Parents

It is also a good idea to make friends with other parents who have children in the same school as your child. Going to social events at school will help you get to know the other parents. It will also open the window to your child, making friends during these social gatherings.

Don’t Let School Affect Interaction With Them

Look for other opportunities to talk and bond with your child. Do not only focus on school. Go out with them, eat in restaurants, and have conversations that are unrelated to school. Get your child interested in activities that are outside of schoolwork. These activities will stimulate their minds and help them adjust more quickly.

School Activities

Encourage your child to participate in school activities. Catholic school has so many fun activities for children to join. They are wholesome activities where your child can make new friends.


Most of the time, children who are struggling to adjust to a new school environment are just looking for people to talk to. The best way to help your child is to encourage them to confide in you about the way they are feeling about their new environment. Once they can adjust to life in Catholic school, they will thank you for it. St. Aloysius Regional School is a Catholic faith community of academic excellence. Both our culture and our curriculum are designed to strengthen spiritual and emotional maturity, develop a strong moral character, and cultivate the skills for successful learning. Enroll Your child at St. Aloysius School and the experience difference.