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Event Planning Policy

Per the Bylaws of St. Aloysius Regional School, adopted in September 2020, it is the power and responsibility of the Board of Trustees (Board) to supervise, control, and direct the management, affairs, and property of the school; To determine and set policy for the school; To establish policy guidelines for all investments and fundraising activities; To monitor the Corporation’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations as they may be promulgated, amended, or repealed. Read the full policy here or by clicking the link below.

STARS Families would like to thank our dedicated and talented teachers this Teacher Appreciation Week 2020. Enjoy this video as a token of our appreciation.

When a student is enrolled at STARS

the student and their family are welcomed into more than a school.  STARS is a community and one extension of our community is the Family Association.  Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians of students by virtue of enrollment are members of the Family Association. 

Mission Statement:

STARS Family Association supports St. Aloysius Regional School as a faith-filled community of academic excellence where moral character is modeled.  The Family Association supports the school by building fellowship among families through positive, collaborative, social opportunities; promotion and advancement of the school; and fostering communication among stakeholders which leads to a vibrant school community.

The purpose of the Family Association

is to work for the good of the school by families sharing their time and talents to benefit the school, our regional communities, regional Parishes, and alumni.  STARS Family Association is similar in concept to a public school’s PTA.   

The Family Association is organized into three (3) Teams:  Outreach Team, Social Team, and Fundraising Team.  Each Team carries out activities in their respective area to bridge the gap between the school’s resources and the needs of the school. Each Team is led by multiple parents/guardians, who coordinate the Team’s activities, invite families to participate and ensure a collaborative effort.  Each Team’s coordinators are also invited to attend the Board of Trustees meetings. 

Family Association Meetings

are held on the second Thursday of each month (except during holidays or vacations), 6:30 pm in the school cafeteria.  See the school calendar for the specific meeting dates.  For those that can’t make it in person, a conference call line is available.  The purpose of the meetings is for the Teams to report their monthly activity and needs and for everyone to share ideas.    

Each Team holds separate meetings to decide on the events and activities it will host.  Separate smaller committees are formed with families who have an interest in that event/activity and planning takes place.  All families are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in the activities/events that interest them.  All contributions help STARS be an warm, welcoming, enjoyable place for all families and the STARS community is grateful for everyone’s contributions great and small.     

Vision of the Family Association:

The STARS Family Association supports a superior education for all students and provides the resources and network to achieve the school’s mission. The Family Association will accomplish this through volunteer efforts, uplifting teachers and the principal, fundraising, effective communication to stakeholders, promoting Christian values, and supporting families. All school families are ambassadors of STARS.

The Values of the Family Association

STARS Family Association will be loyal to the Principal, Staff, Students and one another.
STARS Family Association empowers its members to be equal partners in pursuit of our mission and vision to support STARS students, teachers and stakeholders.
All STARS Family Association business/activities will be conducted with high standards of professionalism
STARS Family Association will remain focused on the objects of it's vision statement.
STARS Family Association is a diverse and inclusive community of families.
STARS Family Association will see itself as part of a vibrant partnership between the families and school.
STARS Family Association will demonstrate fairness when dealing with all stakeholders.
STARS Family Association will build a community among the entire school and stakeholders to work together to achieve all goals.
STARS Family Association will respect and practice tolerance of all viewpoints.
STARS Family Association will maintain a positive attitude and honesty towards all stakeholders to create a positive atmosphere.

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