Factors to Look for in a Montessori School for Your Child

Parents who are planning to enroll their children in a Catholic school in Springville, NY, must be capable of distinguishing if a school has the qualities that will be good for their students. It’s not just about knowing that the classroom maintains cleanliness, the learning materials are up-to-date, and the lessons can improve your child’s skills and capabilities over time.

The school you trust should also guarantee that they have what it takes to maintain a learning environment for all the students and focus on each child’s wants and needs. A private school acts as the very place where children can work independently and thrive well within a small group together with other like-minded kids.

If you’re interested in applying your child to a Montessori school, keep reading below to determine what your chosen school must showcase to give you an easier time deciding.

They Should Maintain a Safe Environment Focused on a Child’s Learning

First of all, everyone knows that the reason why you want to bring your child to a school is that you want them to learn everything they need before they set out in the world on their own. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds because there’s more to it than enrolling your child in the first school you see that offers affordable programs.

You know you’ve chosen the right school if the campus has an excellent environment focused on meeting children’s needs, interests, skills, and development every time they’re in class. Thus, the teachers working in the Montessori school must develop a way to make learning focused on children, including utilizing the proper educational tools and academic materials.

They Should Provide a Balance Between Academic and Hands-On Knowledge

It’s integral for children to start learning at an early age, not to avoid feeling left behind but to give them a good head start on acquiring valuable knowledge from a reputable Springville, NY school. In line with that, the school you choose should display that they aren’t focused on providing academic lessons alone.

Instead, they ensure that there remains a balance between teaching kids lessons from textbooks and providing hands-on knowledge on fundamental and abstract concepts. Doing so helps the teachers introduce life’s deeper meanings to the kids while guiding them along the way.

They Should Take Time Delivering Spontaneous Teachings and Experiences

As children grow up, you can expect them to remain curious about the world around them. They will constantly ask questions, explore their surroundings, make new friends, and hold on to their wonder for what’s happening before them.

A Montessori school should have the right environment that will give your children the freedom to learn at their own pace, all while they follow school rules and maintain good behavior. Besides discovering each child’s likes and interests, the school must learn to offer spontaneity to challenge the kids to think outside the box and let their creativity run loose.

They Should Focus on Activities That Encourage Collaborative Opportunities

When your child enrolls in a Montessori school, you expect them to pick up values along the way, such as being kind and respectful to their family, friends, and the people they encounter. At St. Aloysius School, all the students learn to behave well and treat others with compassion.

Instead of thinking every student is their competition, your children will be guided at their own pace, preventing comparison but rather, inspiring collaboration and cooperation. The school will highlight teamwork activities, individual tasks, and other helpful ways to show kids the beauty of learning in various ways.


Before you bring your child to a Catholic school, you must guarantee that the school you’re eyeing is the right one for your future student. They should have a safe environment focused on a child’s learning, provide a balance between academic and hands-on knowledge, deliver spontaneous teachings and experiences, and encourage collaborative activities. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about your child because you know they can look forward to a bright future ahead of them.

Are you looking to enroll your child in a Montessori school in Springville, NY? St. Aloysius Regional School is a well-known Catholic faith community that showcases academic excellence. We provide classes for Pre-K to 8th Grade. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour!