Bible Stories to Help You Teach Your Kids About Forgiveness

There is something heartwarming about the purity of a child. They laugh at even the simplest things and get along with other kids well, especially when it comes to playing.

There are also times when they get into highly emotional—and even physical—fights with their playmates. However, even after an intense quarrel, you will be surprised to see them go back to playing contentedly!

It seems that kids have the innate ability to forgive, forget, and move on. They don’t know how to hold on to things like adults do. Because of this, it may seem ironic for grownups to teach kids about forgiveness. However, as a parent, this is something you must do. Honing their natural ability to pardon a wrongdoer will help them grow into loving and forgiving individuals.

If you aren’t quite sure where or how to start, going back to the Bible is always a good idea. Here are some Bible stories you can use to help your little one understand and practice forgiveness.

1. Jesus Is the Reason to Forgive (Luke 23)

Even at an early age, it’s a good idea to help your child understand that everyone makes mistakes—including them. However, assure them that because Jesus died for everyone, they can be forgiven as long as they ask Him.

Use the story of Jesus dying on the cross in Luke 23 to stress this point. As you do, remind them that no matter how bad their wrongdoings are, these can never separate them from God’s love. Share with them how God is always ready to welcome them back as soon as they say sorry.

Finally, help them understand that since Jesus forgives them generously, they should follow His example and respond to others in the same way.

2. God Will Always Welcome You Back with Open Arms (Luke 15:11-32)

This parable talks about the prodigal son who asked for his inheritance, even though his father was still alive. Then, he left home and squandered all his possessions, until he was left with nothing. He became so poor that he planned to go back and beg his father to take him back—as a servant.

What’s interesting is that the father welcomed him home as a son and even threw a celebration for him.

Use this story to help your child understand how God will welcome them back as long as they say sorry for the things they have done. However, remind them that this is not an excuse to do whatever they want. Rather, it means that as long as they realize and apologize for their mistakes, God will readily forgive them.

3. Our Forgiveness Shouldn’t Run Out, Like Jesus (Matthew 18:21-35)

You can use this parable to further help your child understand the importance of forgiving others like how God forgave our sins.

Forgiving others over and over again can be hard. However, while Jesus was on earth, he showed what it was like to forgive and be humble. Help your little one understand that, as followers of Christ, they should also act like Him. They must be willing to forgive others, whether it’s their siblings, teachers, friends, and even you.

At the same time, remind them that they may also make mistakes that affect others. Because of this, they must also practice humility by asking for forgiveness from others.


As a Christian parent, you must teach your child Christian values such as humility and forgiveness at an early age. There are various stories in the Bible you can use to do this, in case you aren’t quite sure where to start. However, you must also remember that setting an example for your children is the best way to teach them something. Practicing humility and forgiveness in your home will help them truly understand their value. If you still haven’t found the right school for your child, consider enrolling them at St. Aloysius School in New York! Our Catholic institution sets an atmosphere of respect and accountability and promotes virtues and sound character of our students. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our school.