An Intro to the Catholic Approach of STREAM Academies

When enrolling your kid into a Catholic school, you’re almost ensured that their spiritual education will be well-taken care of. You can rely on several important values being taught in school and the teachings of the Bible that you would want your child to take to heart.

However, the purpose of learning isn’t just for those subjects alone. A child should have a curriculum that comprises every other subject that they should learn for them to be well-read critical thinkers. And, luckily, Catholic education has made strides to integrate STREAM.

Curious about what STREAM academics entail in a Catholic school? Continue reading.


Many parents have likely learned about STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These core four are quite important to the foundation of a child’s learning as it encompasses all the hard subjects. Eventually, this has turned into STEAM in order to incorporate the significance of studying art, language, and the like.

However, while Catholicism does recognize the importance of those five subjects, it became rather apparent that something is missing for a full Catholic education. Introducing STREAM, which now comprises science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math, has been a staple for many Catholic schools.

What Is the Essence of STREAM to Catholic Education?

Integrating the six disciplines was important for STREAM academics to achieve, and it’s been able to do just that. The ideal Catholic student would be able to pick up hard subjects for problem-solving, linguistics for craft, and religion for faith. Some would even mix the two.

STREAM’s incorporation into the learning experience of each child ensures that every kid would not fall behind their peers while simultaneously retaining their learning of religion. It’s become such a great alternative for every Catholic parent to introduce their kid to such an environment.

What Are the Benefits of STREAM?

The main benefit of STREAM is how it can mix different natures of various disciplines into one curriculum to deliver an excellent education to a Catholic child. They get to hold on to a comfortable and Christ-filled environment while learning what everyone else is picking up.

Plus, there’s also an advantage in being able to see through different lenses. It isn’t enough to just have the mind of a critical thinker when assessing the situation, as such a viewpoint should always be utilized in conjunction with a God-fearing attitude as well.

How Is STREAM Applied to Catholic Education

There are plenty of ideas that help execute STREAM for many Catholic students. For example, allowing engineering and faith to coincide in a topic about building a church is great. Everyone gets to understand the technicalities while also understanding the religious significance of it.

There’s also the expression of faith in fine art and music in the past. It’s still present to this very day, and encouraging students to create their own artistic or musical pieces is a great way to show faith while stimulating creativity.


There have been many religious figures in the past who have had such a profound career in their fields, such as Saint Luke, who was a patron saint for doctors and artists. It’s best to raise Catholic children to emulate the same as they grow up.

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