5 Smart Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Read – Our Guide

5 Smart Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Read - Our Guide

One of the biggest challenges parents often face is encouraging their children to read. Many kids seem to dislike reading or lack the motivation for it, and there are various reasons behind this. It could be that they find the activity difficult or that they are struggling with it.

Whatever the reason is, you know how essential it is for you to help your little one overcome these challenges and learn how to read. Reading is an essential skill not only in education but also in their lives outside school. To add to this, most of the communication today happens digitally through emails and text-based messaging apps.

With all of these, you must start honing your child’s ability to read for comprehension even at an early age. This is not going to be an easy task, but there are ways for you to successfully motivate your child to read. Here are some of them:

1. Make Reading Material Readily Available

One of the most straightforward ways to encourage your little one to read is to make it possible for them to do the activity. Considering this, it helps to keep books and various reading materials at home, particularly in places they can see and reach. Additionally, make sure that these books are interesting for his or her reading level.

Exposing your child to literature at an early age helps make reading become a part of his or her daily life.

2. Allow Them to Choose What They Want to Read

One of the things you must remember when teaching a child to read is that it involves more than just handing him or her a book.

If you truly want your little one to find reading an enjoyable activity, allow them to choose what they want to read. Giving them this freedom can go a long way in honing your child to become a life-long reader. On top of that, this naturally makes them engaged with the reading material, enabling them to retain the information better.

To get started with this, take your little one to the library or even guide them in browsing e-books. This will surely pique their interest and make them look forward to reading a book they personally chose.

3. Try Various Reading Activities

Don’t limit reading to books and magazines. You may also encourage your child to read menus, movie names, roadside signs, and even weather reports. The variety will keep them entertained while allowing them to practice their reading skills. If you add some twists to it and turn it into a challenge, this may even turn into a fun activity!

4. Create A Cozy Reading Nook

Sometimes, all your child needs is a good, quiet place to settle down and focus on their book. Considering this, it’s a great idea to transform a bonus room or even a small unoccupied corner in your home into a dedicated reading nook for them.

Add a small table and chair, a cozy bean bag, and a shelf of all of his or her favorite books. With these, your child may even spend the whole day there!

5. Recognize Your Child’s Efforts

Reading can be particularly challenging for some kids. If you can see that your child has been striving to overcome this, showing your appreciation will spur them on. Give them genuine praise for their efforts whenever possible and they will be encouraged to do better.


Honing your child’s reading skills at an early age will help them adjust to school easier. However, introducing them to letters and sentences may be quite difficult at first. The good news is that as long as you gently introduce reading to them through the tips mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to raising a lifelong reader and a successful individual.

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