5 Reasons Parents Send Their Children to Catholic Schools

There are more possibilities for teaching your child than ever before. In addition to Catholic schools, parents choose to enroll their children in public schools, private schools, charter schools, online schools, or homeschooling. Deciding where your child will spend eight hours a day learning lessons that will last a lifetime can be quite the head scratcher.

Although every school and community is unique, five characteristics may be found in every Catholic school.

5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Catholic Schools

1. A church parish and a school form a family community.

Families with children enrolled in a parish school have an easier time building a feeling of community among their fellow parishioners. Families have opportunities for fellowship, companionship, and service, which create a warm and welcome community. This is especially significant for people who do not have any family in the region, and their church and school become vital hubs.

2. Catholic education is a relatively affordable private school education

For those without a homeschooling or parochial education background, you might be concerned about the cost of private schooling. The average cost per child per year of attendance at a Catholic school is only $3,800. This is less than the cost of most public schools, especially when you factor in the cost of transportation, books and supplies, and extracurricular activities. Catholic schools offer a wide range of financial assistance, tuition assistance programs, and scholarships that can help you offset the cost of tuition.

3. Local Catholic schools are a great place to get involved

Many Catholic schools offer volunteer opportunities for students and parents and encourage families to get involved with their school and community. Without the time commitments that come with coaching or club teams, it’s easy for parents to get involved with their school. Opportunities for helping out include directing the school play, tutoring students, or organizing a bake sale to support a student field trip.

For families with more of a background in education or those who want to share their previous experience with students, there are often opportunities to teach an after-school class or lead a group discussion.

4. Catholic education teaches the faith

The United States Conference requires catholic schools of Catholic Bishops to provide a vital education in faith and morals, which is put into action by the teachers and administrators at the school. Every Catholic school is a local parish ministry, so Catholic Education is infused into school activities and programs.

5. Catholic education emphasizes the value of lifelong learning and our role as global citizens

One of the main priorities of Catholic education is to educate students to be responsible and productive citizens who can participate in the creation of a better world. Students are taught to enjoy learning and to give back to their community. Teachers incorporate service learning and social justice into the curriculum to ensure that students learn to be leaders who serve others.


Catholic schools offer a unique way of experiencing a world that is inclusive, challenging, and full of opportunities to learn and grow. Every Catholic school has a community that welcomes you as a family, helps you see your child’s education as an investment in their future, and offers you an opportunity to share your education and experience with students and other school community members. If you’re considering Catholic schools as an option for your family, looking into the five benefits listed above is a great place to start.

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