5 Reasons a Catholic Education Still Matters Today

Catholic education has been around for centuries, and its effect on communities and even civilizations is undeniable. It holds massive influence even today, despite questions about its relevancy. But to counter that thought, we listed five reasons why Catholic education still matters today.

1. Having an Incarnational View of the World

Catholic School students learn that God is present in their lives and the world. Whether it’s in their daily experiences or challenges, they understand that God is ever-active in their life. Students develop a sense of sacramental awareness, which means they see signs of God’s love around them.

Through this, they become instruments of God’s grace in their own communities. An incarnational view of the world means that there are no secular objects because all learning helps develop and introduce the image of God to every person.

2. Learning that Relationships Are a Reflection of the Divine

Catholic school students experience God’s grace and presence in their lives through their relationships with other people, including their family, friends, and teachers. These loving and supportive relationships reflect the love and life-giving dynamic of the Trinity.

The Catholics as a community celebrate successes and achievements and share grief and downfalls. We unite in solidarity and pose challenges to each other to better our reflections of the divine.

3. Servicing for the Common Good

Catholic schools know that service is an essential component of the curriculum. Catholic schools have service programs from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Higher education programs like the Jesuit or Dominican Volunteer Corps promote service at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Diocesan organizations like the Catholic Family Services offer resources to aid people from all walks of life. In addition, Catholic students learn that the essence of being a community is that there are no strangers, only brothers and sisters in the Lord. We have a responsibility to attend to the needs of others because we are all part of God’s family.

4. Focusing on Arts, Ritual Drama, and Music for the Life of Faith

The Catholic education exposes children to the richness of the religious tradition. Since music, art, literature, drama, and rituals are rooted in the history of the Church, Catholic schools know that these things are the truest expression of divine praise.

5. Having Personal Excellence as a Spiritual Goal

Catholic school students learn that excellence is a response to God’s blessings. Academic excellence in and of itself is not a gospel value; rather, education must have an altruistic orientation. Students need to learn to help others and aim to make a difference in the world around them.


The Catholic education lets students know the glory of God and teaches them to do what is suitable for the common good. It helps young learners see the value of God’s grace and presence in our lives and attain an incarnational view of the world.

Catholic students are molded to become better members of society and better individuals to people from all walks of life. That helps them understand that personal excellence is a spiritual goal and that helping others is the value of being truly Catholic.

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