5 Essential Things Your Child Will Learn in Preschool

Is your child ready for preschool? This may be a nerve-wracking time for you as a parent—imagine your child who can barely talk and walk before and can fit snugly in your arms is now ready for school. That sure is a lot to take in. It’s one of the things you can’t avoid, so to ease your mind, knowing what they’ll learn in preschool will motivate you to let go of that little hand even for a few hours.

  1. Phonological Awareness

One of the focuses in preschool is teaching young kids phonological awareness where they listen to and focus on words, syllables, and rhymes that they hear throughout the day. This prepares them for letter recognition and reading.

Phonological awareness involves working with kids on figuring out what upper and lower case letters look like. It is also taught through rhyming and singing. Storytelling is helpful as well to teach children how to identify characters and story settings that will build their comprehension skills.

Furthermore, phonological awareness also involves letter tracing on paper that helps develop their fine motor skills at the same time.

  1. Math Skills

Yes, preschoolers will start to learn math, too! Of course, it’s pretty basic, but it sets the foundation for mathematical knowledge. This is taught through shape and pattern recognition, verbal counting, number recognition, and a lot more. You can guarantee that this is fun math, not the kind of math that will have your kids scratching their heads. So no need to worry! They will surely enjoy learning math in preschool.

  1. Technology

It’s undeniable that we live in a world where technology plays a crucial role. Hence, it only makes sense to teach little ones how to use them properly. In fact, many preschoolers are already comfortable and familiar with technology, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Today’s preschool setting may have kids operate various apps and learning resources on mobile devices.

  1. Social & Emotional Skills

In preschool, kids will be taught how to identify and navigate their feelings in a controlled environment. They will start to solve problems through play and socializing with their classmates. This may also include reading books, giving praises, and modeling appropriate behaviors.

  1. Specialty Classes

Most preschools today offer specialty classes that deviate from the basics of reading and math. What specialty classes your child takes will depend on you and what your child wants and needs. However, this isn’t mandatory. You can choose or not have your child in a specialty class.


Being aware of what your child will learn in preschool will help you stay involved in their lives, even if it hurts a bit to let them go. This will also help you keep track of their learnings in school at home. By then, you can practice and hone their skills better, and that will help them learn better.

There are many preschools out there today. It’s crucial you find one that will suit the needs of your child and somewhere you’re confident in that will give your child the best education.

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