3 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith as a Family Amid COVID-19 – Our Guide

The coronavirus pandemic has required everyone to observe social distancing, which caused suspension and cancelation of public masses, parish gatherings, and religious education classes. With much uncertainty caused by the ongoing health crisis, however, now is a crucial time for you and your family to stay grounded in your faith.

While it can be difficult or impossible to attend public masses or religious gatherings at present, maintaining a strong connection with the Lord and strengthening your faith in Him is truly possible at home with your family.

At St. Aloysius, which is a Catholic school, we are concerned about your spiritual needs, and we are passionate about helping you nurture your faith. Here are three ways you can take to appease your spiritual hunger and nourish your soul as a family amid the pandemic:

  1. Pray together as a family

Prayer is often talked about as a means of communicating with God. By talking to Him regularly, you and your family can understand His heart and mind better and develop a more meaningful relationship with Him together as a unit.

Prayers don’t have to be complex or long. What matters most is that each word should be uttered sincerely. You can express your gratitude or concern to those who are infected with the virus, the healthcare professionals, and essential workers by dedicating a prayer for them. Also, you may choose to pray spontaneously. Regardless of the type and length of your prayer, these should all come from your heart.

  1. Stream or watch masses online or on television

There are various ways you can take to participate in the liturgy of the Church even when you and your family are stuck at home.

As public masses are now suspended due to COVID-19, you and your loved ones may consider exploring online platforms or television channels that offer streamed or televised masses. Make sure to participate together as if you all were attending the mass in person.

  1. Teach your children about faith and with helpful online resources

Planting the seeds of faith in the heart of your children as early as possible is essential. To nourish these seeds and help them flourish, it is important that they are able to read, hear, and understand the Word of God regularly. To attain this, you may check for online resources that provide a religious education curriculum. Look for one that has videos, games, and online quizzes for children to learn while having fun.

On the other hand, you may also get in touch with us. As a Catholic school, we can help you provide quality religious education to your kids at home. We ensure that our lessons are fun and enjoyable to let them get inspired and stay motivated to learn more about God and His Words.


In this time of fear and uncertainty, staying connected with God, strengthening your faith, and establishing a deeper relationship with Him is important. To help you overcome these troubling times and attain Godly wisdom, peace, and guidance, it is essential that you hold onto your faith as a family.

Attending religious gatherings in person seems impossible at the moment due to the pandemic, but these challenging days are not a hindrance to keeping your family together in faith. By praying as a family together, attending online or televised masses at home, and teaching your children religious education with online resources, you and your loved ones can develop a stronger bond with the Lord.

At St. Aloysius School in New York, we are a Catholic school in the region that offers religious instruction and an integrated curriculum – contact us to learn more about our school and curriculum!