Welcome to our journey throughout the day of investigating, debating, questioning, and learning the rich history of our country and the mechanics of language with the prayerful guidance of God's daily words. In the realm of the sixth-grade history students, we become world historians seeking the foundations that provided the framework. Exciting adventures provide many invaluable insights to the world around us. 

Reading is fundamental for the success of a student.

All middle-school students are required to read and record all outside reading materials. We expect twenty-five books throughout the school year. If you checked out the above graphic, we can become better readers simply by reading. So, KEEP IT UP!

We have STREAM every Friday!

I am blessed each and every day working with my students. I am a product of a Catholic education throughout my school years. I witnessed the inspiration of my teachers who exemplified Christ's loving example. I earned my B.S. in Elementary Education from D'Youville College. 

Sources for learning: www.glencoe.com; www.sfsocialstudies.com; www.khanacademy.com


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