Mrs. Stahl (Reading Intervention)

Welcome to the  Reading Intervention page.

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Mrs. Stahl is our Reading Intervention teacher! She received a B.S. degree from Roberts Wesleyan College and an M.S. degree in Reading Education from SUNY Cortland.  Mrs. Stahl attended Daeman College to complete credits for certification in Students with Disabilities 1-6.  Her other certifications include Elementary Education N-6, Reading K-12 and Music K-12. Mrs. Stahl taught instrumental Music grades 4-6 and vocal music grade 7-12 for 2 years.  She has also taught reading to students from Kindergarten through college age for 13 years, and this is her third year here at St. Aloysius.

It is very important that your child read each day.  Please encourage reading.  Struggling readers may appreciate sharing the reading with  you. You can read a page and your child can read a page.

Another strategy to get children to read is to tell them they can either go to sleep or read for 10-15 minutes before they go to sleep.  Many will choose to read when given that choice. Thank you to all who came in for conferences.  We all need to work together to help your children succeed.  If anyone would like a conference but was unable on Nov. 14th,  please do not hesitate to contact the office and set up a conference with me.