Mrs. Emerling (Phys. Ed)

Welcome back students! I hope you all had a great summer, I can't wait to hear about what you and your family and friends did to stay active and fit over summer break.

This year we will begin with community/cooperative games and work together in order to achieve common goals. This helps us all get ready for the upcoming year with all the sports we will be learning about.

Just like last year I would love to get your help decorating our bulletin board in the Parish Hall. It is a great way to share what we did over summer to stay healthy and fit. Plus, it is a nice way for everyone in the community to be able to take notice of what Physical Education is all about at St. Aloysius Regional School. Feel free to draw a picture, print a picture, and/or write a few sentence about what your favorite activities to stay fit and strong were over summer. Don't forget to put your names on whatever you choose to bring in. Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to seeing you all on Mondays and Thursdays!

Mrs. Judy Emerling