Mrs. Trautman (Art)

Welcome to Art!

My name is Mrs. Trautman and I am very excited to teach Art here at St. Aloysius Regional School!  I received my education in Studio Art from the University at Buffalo.  There, I explored a plethora of art mediums including drawing, painting, typography, computer art, graphic design, photography and multimedia designs and sculptures.  I have studied art history extensively!  My work has been housed in various university art galleries, CEPA gallery in Buffalo and in small town exhibits as well.  I have participated in various street painting festivals in the Buffalo area.  I currently run a small shop from my art studio in my home where I create and design personalized gifts.  I love creating!  Graphic Design and mixed media pieces are my favorite things to work on at home.  When I am not teaching art, you can find me with Mrs. Smith in the Montessori Pre-K program here!  In my free time, I love to read and research things that interest me, tend to peaceful, quiet activities and I enjoy being a Mom to my two boys!  Our family loves to spend time together and participate in outdoor activities such as camping (the Adirondacks is my favorite!) and we often enjoy kayaking and snowmobiling.  I'm an avid fan of the arts.  Be it visual, film, performing or musical-I love it all. 

Here at St. Aloysius Regional School:

  • we follow New York State standards for visual arts.
  • we have an additional standard to address the religious objectives in art.
  • we utilize and incorporate STREAM into our lesson plans in art.
  • students analyze and create art.
  • students understand the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.
  • students understand the religious foundations in art.
  • student art work is displayed at our annual Art Show in May.
  • student art work is displayed yearly at the Diocesan Art Exhibit each spring.

This year, you can expect your young scholar to delve into various artistic media!  We hope to draw with various mediums (conte' crayon, graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pen and india ink, etc.)  We will design, we will sculpt with clay and mixed media pieces, we will paint with acrylics, tempera, watercolor and gouache.  We will be working with print making and various relief media.  We will be studying color theory.  We will be exploring various famous artists that have paved the way to inspire us.  We will be including art history in our lesson plans.  We will utilize and understand the elements and principles of art. We will incorporate the Diocesan STREAM initiative into our lessons.  There is so much to do!  It will be an amazing year!

The elements of Art:

  • line
  • shape/form
  • color
  • value
  • texture
  • space/perspective

The principles of Design:

  • pattern
  • rhythm/movement
  • proportion/scale
  • balance
  • unity
  • emphasis

STREAM activities in the Art Room:

Students enjoyed a STREAM activity in the art room using black lights and color mixing.