Mrs. Tirone


Mrs. Tirone studied at Daemen College and received her Bachelor Degree in both Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities. She completed her graduate program at UB and earned her EdM in Childhood Education. This is Mrs. Tirone's second year teaching at St. Aloysius Regional School. Please check back frequently for updated news!

This year, fourth graders will learn all about the history of New York State including its geography and the first people to inhabit the area. Additionally, students will learn about life in colonial times, the revolutionary period and the development of our nation, and government. 

In science, students will expand their understanding of life, earth, and physical science through hands on lessons and experiments. Fourth grade will partner with fifth grade to complete weekly STREAM activities. 


       Dr. Smith, a local Cardiologist, visited our class                    Students were able to listen to their own

                   to talk about the circulatory system.                              heartbeat with a real stethoscope!



During our STREAM time with 5th grade, students participated in Kitchen Chem. This academy taught students how to create healthy recipes, and reinforced skills in measurement, following directions, and chemical reactions. Our team participated in the X STREAM Games cook off and had a great time preparing a student-researched recipe for professional chefs! 

Students will be exposed to several types of texts this year, including both informational and fiction. Many ELA units will be integrated to include topics from the science or social studies curriculum. Fourth graders will also conduct research projects throughout the year.

Fourth graders use the Eureka Math Modules. During these modules, students will deepen their understanding of place value, operations, and problem solving. Students will learn about unit conversion, multi-digit multiplication and division, angle measurement, fractions, and decimal fractions.

Current Units: 

Math: Module 4 involves angle measure and plane figures. In Module 5, students will learn about fraction equivalence, ordering, and operations.

Science: After wrapping up our circulatory unit, students will learn about how communicable and noncommunicable diseases are caused, spread, and prevented.

Social Studies and ELA: Students have been learning about life in colonial America. They will apply research on various colonial trades, and their knowledge of life in colonial America, to write a historically accurate narrative.

Reading: We will soon begin studying the novel My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.


Fourth Grade Specials Schedule:

Monday: PE & Art

Tuesday: Chorus

Wednesday: STREAM

Thursday: Music & PE

Friday: Library

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