Mrs. Tirone

Happy New Year! Read below to find out what we're doing in January and February!

  • Science: What is energy? What types of energy exist? What makes an object magnetic? These are some questions students will answer during our energy, electricity and magnetism unit. Students will experiment with circuits and will learn how to create a working circuit. Additionally, students will explore materials that are or are not conductors of electricity. Finally, students will experiment with magnets to determine magnetic force, pull, and attraction.
  • Math: We have just started Module 4; Angle Measure and Plane Figures, which will take us through the end of January.  In this 4 week Module, Students will learn about lines, line segments, rays, parallel and perpendicular lines, angles, two dimensional figures, and symmetry. In February, students will begin Module 5; Fraction Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations.
  • ELA:  Our current ELA Module integrates Social Studies and Colonial Times. Students will research explorers of New York, resulting in a written biography of each. During the Module, students will research specific Colonial jobs, which will result in a Colonial narrative story.

Fourth Grade Specials Schedule:

Monday: P.E. (please bring sneakers and P.E. Uniform)

Tuesday: Chorus and Art

Wednesday: Band and Lessons, Agriculture in the Classroom and/or STREAM Team

Thursday: Music and P.E. (please bring sneakers and P.E. Uniform)

Friday: Library

Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at