2018 Christmas Bazaar

Box Tops


Box Tops for EDUCATION.
Collect those little coupons. Our school earns cash in return!

Labels for Education

Clip the points and turn in so our school can purchase equipment and class items.

New school logo items
We have some new school logo items. There are Youth and Adult fleece jackets, lightweight jackets, scarves and adult button down shirts with embroidered school logo available for order as well as travel mugs, water bottles and notepads.

The bottles, mugs and notepads are in stock items that will be available for purchase following the Christmas Concert or by sending an email to anytime. Click here for more details.


Do you hate standing in line at Tops or Walmart to turn in your bottles and cans?
We have the perfect solution!! St. Aloysius Regional School has an account set up at the Can Man on Waverly Street in Springville. The staff at the Can Man counts your bottles and cans for you. No more sticky hands feeding bottles and cans into a machine. When you drop off your cans and bottles just mention that you want to donate the refund to St. Al's School. We received a check for $30.40 for the month of October. Thank you for your support!!