Regional School Board

St. Aloysius Regional School is governed by a Canonical Administrator who is advised by a Board of Limited Jurisdiction.  The Board's functions are to work in concert with the Canonical Administrator and the Principal to formulate and recommend policy to the Canonical Administrator for his consideration and enactment.  In addition, the board provides advice and assistance to the Principal and the Canonical Administrator as requested by them.  The board has the authority to enact policy.  The board functions substantially through a series of committees.

  1. Finance Committee:  The finance committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending all financial policies (Tuition, Collection, Assistance, Fee Structures, etc.)
  2. Advancement Committee
  3. Buildings and Grounds Committee:  The building and grounds committee is responsible for the review and recommendation of policies relating to capital repairs, overall maintenance programs for buildings, grounds, and equipment. 
  4. Education Committee:  

The Regional School Board consists of the following members:

  • Deacon Jeff Forster - President and Chairperson
  • Mary Beth Webster- Principal
  • Sr Carol Cimino- Superintendent of Catholic School
  • Kathy Powenski
  • Mary Cay Eckert
  • Tim Bain
  • Steve Schunk
  • ​John Shingler
  • Beth Bolt