Admissions Policy

St. Aloysius Regional School is a Roman Catholic School and it adheres to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The school does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, sex, or national origin.

St. Aloysius Regional School accepts students whose needs can be met by the school through reasonable accommodation. Although PL 94-124 guarantees a “free and appropriate education” in public schools, Catholic schools are not bound by that law. Catholic schools are, therefore, not required to meet every need of every child.

Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) must provide that IEP at time of application to enter the school. At that time, the school will determine the school’s ability to provide services required by the IEP.

The following is the procedure for admission to St. Aloysius Regional School:

An application can be obtained by calling St. Aloysius Regional School at 716-592-7002 or emailing a request to Melissa Durka, Administrative Assistant, at .All students must complete an application to attend St. Aloysius Regional School. An application must include any official transcripts from previously attended schools and current IEP/IESP or 504 Plan/Accommodation Plan, if applicable.

Once the complete application is received, the school will make arrangements for the family to complete our personal interview and screening tests if requested by the school principal. The information collected at this time will be taken into consideration when an admission decision is made. Admission will only be granted if we believe that our school can meet the child’s academic and social needs. If the child is not offered admission, the family is welcome to reapply for admission after one full year has elapsed.

If the child is offered admission to our school, the family must complete the registration process, complete a FACTS© payment agreement and pay any required registration fees before the child may begin attending classes at our school.