My daughter started at St. Al's last fall in the 6th grade.  Since then she has really come out of her shell.  She has always been shy and quiet.  St Al's really helped build her self-esteem and confidence.  She played volleyball, made lots of friends, and loves going to school.  When she's not at school she is always talking about her teachers and friends.  I'm glad we made the decision to send her to St. Al's.  I wish we would have done it years ago! ~ Renee Fleckenstein

Throughout their years at St. Al's my boys have had many opportunities - sports, musical productions, after-school bowling, Spanish, technology, and lasting friendships that have developed for our whole family.

St. Al's has what we want for our children - small class sizes and more individualized attention, a continuation of the religious foundations that we began at home, a safe school, and above all wonderful teachers who are dedicated and caring.  They constantly go above and beyond.  They "pushed" our kids to their potential best, to think and work through situations, develop good study habits, and have a great work ethic.  ~Christine Wolcott

I am utterly amazed at how the older children embrace and look after the younger students.  There does not seem to be as much of the picking on as there was in public school.  I absolutely love it and it was the best decision I have made sending my children there.

St. Al's is the best place for my children!  The faculty and staff are caring and dedicated; it's like having a second family.  My son had a lot of trouble learning to read, the faculty worked with us to identify the problem and guided us to find the help that we needed.  Once identified, his classroom and reading teacher spent extra time helping my son learn to read.  Today he is in the fifth grade and is excelling in school.  He has come so far - Thank you St. Al's!  ~Deb Gernatt

This is a great school!  It has a warm, family-like atmosphere.  My children receive a lot of individualized attention; they learn the same curriculum as public school but in a much better learning atmosphere.  In addition to a superb academic program the school instills moral values and the importance of caring for others into our children.

When my son turned six we allowed him to invite the boys in his kindergarten class over to our house after school for a birthday party.  The boys favorite place was, of course, in our sandbox.  I was talking to another mom, watching the boys playing when we all heard an ambulance go roaring with sirens blaring, down the street.  Without a word to one another all of those little boys stopped playing, made the sign of the cross, and were silent for maybe 15 seconds.  Just as suddenly, they again made the sign of the cross and went right back to what they were doing in the sandbox.  All of this happened without a word to each other; it was a beautiful sight!  The boys had done what their Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Tita, had taught them to do when they heard a siren.  Sirens meant someone needed help and they could help that person by praying for them.  That is the kind of education that St. Al's provides and why we have made the sacrifice to send our kids there. ~Robin Sion

Cannot say enough about the quality education, individualized attention, and close-community atmosphere my boys enjoy at St Aloysius Regional.

Cannot say enough good things about this school and staff!  So happy we are a part of  St Aloysius Regional School!

My one child has some special needs…we didn't want to sacrifice our desire for our children to have a Christian education, so we took a leap of faith.  It was the best decision we have made for our children.

The teachers are loving, understanding and devoted to every child. The principal is the best advocate we could ask for. Parent involvement is great & I feel that I have my finger on the pulse of the school. Do yourself a favor and visit St. Al's...it's awesome.